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Campaign objectives

  • Motivate and educate employees about making lifestyle changes to help ensure healthier pregnancies
  • Empower women to make personal, informed choices regarding the delivery of their baby
  • Demonstrate a supportive and encouraging environment for expecting parents in the organization

What's in the toolkit?

In this toolkit, you’ll find all the information needed to deliver a successful campaign:

  • Suggested campaign timeline. The total campaign is designed to last four weeks, but can be shortened or extended if desired.
  • Campaign kick-off event ideas. We strongly recommend an onsite or virtual event to introduce the campaign theme to employees and encourage them to participate.
  • Campaign content, including articles, flyers and an informational booklet. Articles are intended to provide information about an aspect of pregnancy. Flyers are generally more interactive and provide opportunities for employees to apply information about healthy pregnancies in their everyday lives – at home and at work. In addition to articles and flyers, we also provide a campaign evaluation form to distribute at the end of the wellness campaign, to collect feedback from employees who chose to participate.
  • Campaign distribution strategy, including a weekly email campaign, making it easy for you organize and implement content throughout the course of the campaign.

Download our “Healthy pregnancy, healthy baby” toolkit and start promoting healthier habits today.