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Help reduce fraud

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Help reduce fraud

If you suspect you’ve been a victim of fraud, report it. You not only help protect yourself, you also help countless others avoid being scammed in the future.

Do you think you’ve been a victim of fraud?

What’s the difference between fraud and a complaint? Collapsed Expanded

“Fraud” can occur when someone attempts to obtain something of value by misrepresentation.  “Complaints” are related to dissatisfaction with how you were treated in the course of business.  You may lodge a complaint by calling the Customer Service department that handles your product type.  Please see our Contact Us page for all phone numbers.

To report fraud, as opposed to a general complaint, please use this Report Fraud link.

Did MetLife really send me a letter telling me I may be a beneficiary of life insurance? Collapsed Expanded

It’s possible.  Sometimes beneficiaries may not know that their loved one provided for them, so when one of our customers has passed we do our best to try to find their beneficiaries.  If you were sent a letter, and are not sure that it’s legitimate, please review the FAQ “How do I know a letter I received is really from MetLife?”

How do I know a letter I received is really from MetLife? Collapsed Expanded

If you’re an existing MetLife customer, you have likely received correspondence from us in the past.  Refer to the contact information shown in that correspondence and do not call a telephone number or send mail to any unfamiliar number or address.  Some of the phone numbers you will see on MetLife communications include the following:

Individual Life Insurance                                                                                                             

Warwick RI:                                          800-638-5000

Troy MI:                                                833-642-1007

Other:                                                   800-638-5433


For Policies Purchased on your own through an agent/broker                                     

West Des Moines IA:                          800-343-8496

Troy MI:                                                833-208-3018

Other:                                                   800-638-5433

For Policies Purchased through your employer                                                   

West Des Moines IA:                          800-560-5001

Troy MI:                                                833-642-1008

Other:                                                   800-638-5433

Will MetLife ask me for money to file a life insurance claim? Collapsed Expanded

As part of the claims process with MetLife you will never be asked to pay a fee to process your claim.  Should you be asked to pay a fee, such as making a payment to PayPal or sending gift cards, this should be reported immediately using the Report Fraud link.

What other options do I have other than reporting something as fraud? Collapsed Expanded

If you have a customer concern, grievance or dissatisfaction with MetLife, its products, services or associates please contact the appropriate call center identified on the “Contact Us” page at to discuss the matter prior to reporting it as fraud. If you are not sure which area to contact, please call 1-800-METLIFE (1-800-638-5433).

Outside the U.S. please refer to the MetLife site for the specific country in which the product was purchased.

Can I remain anonymous? Collapsed Expanded

Yes. When you use the online report fraud form, you can choose to be anonymous. You can also request not to be contacted or that your personal contact information not be used.  Please be aware not providing contract information or a contact number may limit the investigation process if enough detail is not provided. 

What happens when I file a fraud report? Collapsed Expanded

After you file a report with the appropriate MetLife department through our online fraud report form, you may want to consider contacting your local law enforcement agency. MetLife will work directly with law enforcement at their request.

While MetLife works frequently with police organizations around the world, it’s important to note, we are not a law enforcement body. There are inherent dangers in trying to catch criminals, to both our agents and customers. Therefore, we play a cooperative role with law enforcement agencies.

What if I decide not to contact my local law enforcement? Collapsed Expanded

If you decide not to report your fraud incident, you may limit your ability to dispute charges or clear your accounts of liability. Contacting local law enforcement is an integral part of the process. Reporting fraud can lead to more awareness and better education. We encourage you to contact your local law enforcement authorities if you believe you were a victim of fraud. You also can contact other consumer protection resources.

What if my product was not purchased in the U.S.? Collapsed Expanded

If you purchased your MetLife product outside the U.S. and you have a general or service-related inquiry please refer to the MetLife website for the specific country in which the product was purchased.  If you are reporting issues or concerns regarding unethical or fraudulent behavior, please use this Report Fraud link.

Report suspected fraud

This reporting service may be used to report suspected fraud or unethical behavior. Please do not confuse fraud with a dispute, inquiry, or grievance that you have or may wish to file. Filing an inquiry or service complaint through the report fraud webpage that is not fraud related could delay the response. If you have a complaint or grievance, please refer to the contact information provided in the “What’s the difference between fraud and a complaint?”