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Our People

We are building a purpose-driven and inclusive culture that energizes employees to make a difference.


As a purpose-driven company, MetLife is focused on creating economic growth and opportunity for all our stakeholders — starting with our people.

This requires:

  • Leadership engagement and accountability throughout our global operations, with a commitment to create equity across our workforce.
  • Upskilling each employee’s ability to grow professionally and to build a career that matters regardless of their background or company role.
  • Unique experiences, perspectives and voices that collectively make us stronger and more inclusive.
  • A culture where everyone feels heard, valued and has a sense of belonging — where everyone brings their whole self to work and thrives as a result.
Success is when diversity, equity and inclusion is built into every aspect of decision-making at MetLife and in creating an inclusive environment where all employees feel valued, respected and heard.
Susan Podlogar
Chief Human Resources Officer, Vice Chair - Global DEI Leadership Council


Driving Accountability

Metlife President and CEO Michael Khalaf leads our new Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leadership Council.

Leading the Future


Empowering Everyone





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Our People

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Addressing Cultural and Structural Barriers

We are focused on creating equity and addressing barriers that can obstruct careers and undermine efforts to increase and sustain diversity, equity and inclusion through the following actions:

  • Policies, programs and practices to close gender gaps and build a workplace that works for women;
  • Solutions to increase retention and career progression for underrepresented groups;
  • Promotion of the hiring and engagement of people with disabilities.

Helping High-Performers


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Careers at MetLife

Our workforce

Our long-term aspiration is to be a top DEI company with top-quartile performance. We measure ourselves against best-in-class benchmarks to monitor our progress and effectiveness by tracking global gender, ethnic and racial diversity representation.

Global Workforce Diversity

1 Totals include employees whose gender is not recorded. Excludes PNB employees and Morocco.