National Insurance Awareness Day

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June 28th is National Insurance Awareness Day: an opportune time to ask, what does insurance mean to you?

To MetLife’s Retirement & Income Solutions business, insurance is a promise to provide financial security no matter the market. 

The Role of Insurance in Retirement

Market uncertainty and longer lifespans make retirement planning challenging. Understandably, today’s employees are worried about outliving their savings and potentially postponing retirement. 

To address these challenges, employers can help provide retirement security to their employees by offering a stable value fund, a principal preservation option in a defined contribution plan that produces income that historically outperforms both money market funds and inflation, and a fixed income annuity, an insurance solution to turn retirement savings into a steady guaranteed stream of monthly income in retirement.

More than two thirds

of defined contribution plan sponsors are concerned about the impact of marketing volatility on retirees.

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55% of employees

say they expect to postpone their retirement due to their financial position.

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71% of U.S. employees

are now concerned about outliving their retirement savings.

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9 in 10

pre-retirees and retirees feel it is value to have a guaranteed monthly annuity “paycheck” to cover their bills.

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Why MetLife

JD Power

Customer service is the center of everything that we do. MetLife’s Retirement & Income Solutions takes particular care in providing the highest quality service to those who depend on annuities to fund their retirement, cover daily living costs, pay for medical expenses and more.  

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