Implementation & Onboarding

Beginning a new insurance plan can be stressful. To ease the process, you’ll be guided by a dedicated implementation coordinator, leading an integrated implementation team, on how best to educate and onboard your globally mobile employees on their new benefits.

A Smooth Start

For over six decades, our clients have been able to rely on MetLife for their globally mobile employees’ benefits. From collaborative plan design and seamless implementation to proactive employee management, our high-touch approach to service helps you support your employees’ success when they are on assignment abroad.

Educational Materials

Get employees traveling abroad on assignment up and running quickly with webinars, digital welcome kits, and customized onboarding information.

Easy-to-Use ID Card

Our optimized ID card is double-sided and co-branded for easy health care access inside or outside of the U.S. 

Transition of Care

MetLife will help to ease the transition of any care begun with a previous provider — for instance, a pregnancy or planned surgery — to their new work location. 

Customized member welcome journey

We’ve enhanced our member onboarding process with a unique, year-long customized welcome journey, which is a multiple touchpoint email communication strategy. With candid, straightforward messaging and a journey grounded in insights, our seamless onboarding experience can help empower and educate employees on a wide variety of topics unique to their individual assignment throughout the first year of their plan and beyond.


Welcome to MetLife Worldwide Benefits

The first email in the series welcomes members to their new plan and introduces them to our onboarding journey.

eBenefits registration

Members will receive key information they need to register for eBenefits and explains key portal capabilities.

ID cards

Explains how to use an ID card and why it's important. If members are in a location where they're issued a local ID card, they'll receive an email about how their second ID card works.

Accessing care

Outlines the various ways members can access care, including how to find a direct pay provider, request a Guarantee of Payment (GOP) or submit a claim.

Benefit focus

These emails explain how to read and where to find important policy documents. And, depending on what benefits a member has as part of their plan, these emails share important information on Dental, Vision, Life and Long-Term Disability benefits.

MetLife Worldwide Benefits ID Card

Your employees’ MetLife Worldwide Benefits ID card gives them fast, easy access to their benefits for both global and U.S. providers, and prominently displays the network logo of their assignment location’s customer service center.1

Transition of Care

Employees' healthcare needs don't take a break when their health insurance changes. MetLife will assist globally mobile employees like expatriate employees in making the transition as seamless as possible.

Message Icon Continuation of Care

MetLife can help make arrangements for any upcoming surgeries or pregnancies.

Icon Provider Recommendations

Employees receive a personalized analysis of network providers to find the local healthcare provider that’s right for them in any region.2

Icon Provider Portal

MetLife will onboard out-of-network providers from whom globally mobile employeees prefer to receive care. If you’re an International provider and would like to join our global network simply complete the Hospital Profile form and email it to MetLife at


To help employees prepare for their life abroad, MetLife provides webinars on several different topics, including pre-trip planning and plan design. These are available on-demand at eBenefits.

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