Why Employee Sleep Habits Matter to Your Business

Long hours at the office and round-the-clock availability may be hallmarks of the modern workplace, but a sleep-deprived workforce can hurt your bottom line. Employees who don’t get enough sleep are more prone to illness and injury, have reduced productivity and make more frequent mistakes. Lack of sleep costs U.S. businesses:

  • Roughly $63.2 billion per year in lost productivity
  • $3,200+ per employee, per year in total health costs
  • Nearly 5x higher Workers’ Compensation costs per employee, per year in industrial facilities

So, what can employers do? Delve into the myths around sleep, consequences of fatigue and solutions for a more rested workforce in “Making a Business Case for Bedtime,” a MAXIS sleep study brought to you by MetLife, one of the cofounding members of the MAXIS Global Benefits Network (MAXIS GBN).