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Diversity & Inclusion

MetLife employees volunteer with Habitat for Humanity in the Middle East.

At MetLife, we work hard to ensure our employees are engaged, thriving, and feel like they belong. These efforts begin with our purpose—Always with you, building a more confident future—and guide our commitment: We will continue to build a purpose driven and inclusive culture that energizes employees to make a difference.

From commitment to action

Inspired by our purpose and our Next Horizon strategy, we believed a new path forward needed to be forged in order for diversity, equity and inclusion to positively impact our transformation. DEI at MetLife is a global business, workforce, and sustainability imperative that is linked to our Next Horizon strategy, people commitment, Success Principles, and business and organizational performance. And while MetLife has made progress, we know that to win in the future we have more work to do — starting with our people and culture.Our commitment to our people is to build a purpose-driven and inclusive culture where everyone is energized to make a difference.

Our long-term aspiration is to be a leading company with top quartile performance. We are taking action to create greater accountability, deepen our understanding of equity, and enhance our ability to lead inclusively in the future.

Accordingly, we have set three priorities to help realize these performance gains:

  • Champion inclusion: Cultivate an inclusive workplace culture with the right behaviors and actions
  • Strengthen our diversity: Increase representation and leverage current workforce diversity to innovate for the future
  • Grow our impact: Strategically position MetLife as a leading company for diversity and inclusion

Read more about MetLife’s diversity & inclusion efforts here

Women's discussion

Global Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Leadership Council 

To build greater leadership commitment and accountability, we launched a new Global Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Leadership Council led by MetLife President and CEO Michel Khalaf. The council will drive and execute our DEI strategy across businesses, functions, and regions, provide strategic guidance and insight to improve performance, and visibly promote and champion DEI internally and externally.

Please read our statements on how we incorporate diversity and inclusion considerations into Board of Directors succession planning and senior level recruitment for more information.

Senior Level Recruitment Process >

Board of Directors Succession Planning >

Women and Man attending meeting
MetLife President and CEO Michel Khalaf and ACLI President and CEO Susan Neely at Women and Diversity event in February 2020.


Take a look at the recognitions we have received for our efforts to cultivate an inclusive culture.

Our Purpose

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