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Financial Wellness

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As people's needs continue to change faster than ever, our products and services enable better access to financial planning and address market needs through partnerships and philanthropic collaborations.

New U.S. team powers long-term Financial Wellness and Engagement

In 2019, we created a new U.S. division called Financial Wellness and Engagement, responsible for powering solutions over the long-term that bring financial wellness and education to individuals while strengthening our relationship with employers. This new division will ensure that we continue to address and design solutions for real marketplace needs around financial health and wellness. A critical offering of this new team is our landmark program, PlanSmart, that offers financial education to allow employees to take control of their short- and long-term financial goals and help many more employers close this gap.

In 2020, given the critical role of benefits, especially heightened by the pandemic, we launched resources to help customers navigate their financial lives in the challenging environment created by COVID-19. For example, we created a Financial Wellness content hub that provided free information on how to manage financial health, including access to guidance on COVID-19 related financial issues. In addition, we offered the PlanSmart Financial Wellness planner line to small business at no cost.

MetLife won the 2020 STAR Award in the Crisis Communication Retirement Category for our PlanSmart efforts.

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