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Change of Beneficiary

Change the beneficiary of your policy with this easy to use form.

Change of Owner

Used only for a complete transfer of ownership. Revokes any previous owner/beneficiary designations. The new owner(s) will be primary beneficiaries unless a different designation made by the new owner.

Change of Name

Notification of Name Change - to change the name of an individual or entity on the policy.

Dividend withdrawal

This form is used to request a withdrawal of dividend or riders from a traditional life insurance policy.

Electronic Payment Account Agreement

Pay your premiums and make other transactions with our convenient Electronic Payment (EP) Account Agreement. Use this form to authorize electronic fund transfers from your checking, savings or share draft account to pay premiums due on your personal life insurance policies. The form contains detailed instructions on how to use this convenient service.

Request Loan

This form is used to request a loan on your life insurance policy.

Partial Withdrawal Form

This form is used to request a partial withdrawal from a universal life policy.

Policy Surrender

This form is used to request a full cash surrender on your life insurance policy.

Disability waiver of premiums

Form to be filled out by policyowner/insured, and their doctor(s) to apply for waiver of premium payments on policies with the disability waiver of premium option.

For all other forms, please contact a customer service representative at 800-638-5000.


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