2021 Structured Settlements Poll

Structured settlements have been a crucial part of personal injury law for decades. However, our new poll reveals hidden opportunities for brokers to add more value and continue supporting both attorneys and claimants. 

So when do personal injury attorneys recommend structured settlements? And what can structured settlement brokers do to help attorneys in situations where a structured settlement can be the ideal course of action?

To answer these questions and more, MetLife polled over 250 personal injury attorneys to find out why and when they recommend structured settlements—and what they can use from brokers to help facilitate their clients’ settlements.

MetLife’s new Structured Settlements Poll contains both insightful data and powerful anecdotes from lawyers who know: 1) the downside to lump-sum settlements; 2) the real-life benefits of structured settlements; and, 3) how attorneys partner with their brokers to further educate claimants.

This report helps address three of the most top-of-mind questions surrounding brokers and structured settlements:

  • Are personal injury attorneys comfortable with structured settlements?

  • Why does an attorney choose to recommend a structured settlement to a client?

  • How can brokers help attorneys ensure their clients’ settlements lasts?

    Download MetLife’s new Structured Settlements Poll—and read what personal injury attorneys are saying about structured settlements and where you can help.

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Attorneys want brokers' help

There’s a gap between the number of structured settlements currently being put in place—and the potential of this solution in the marketplace. By explaining and implementing structured settlements, brokers can play a more involved role: one that is highly-valued by both attorneys and claimants.

Read the report, MetLife’s Structured Settlements Poll.

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