Pre-Designed Health Plans

Get cost-efficient, pre-designed medical plans with our Global Health Plus product — created with over 60 years of expertise in providing worldwide benefits.

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Plans that Best Suit Small Groups

Simplify the process with plans easy to select and implement. Choose from four pre-designed medical plans ideal for small groups of 2-20 globally mobile employees working abroad for over six months.

Standard Products & Services

All four of our pre-designed medical plans include the services listed below.

Medical Coverage

Comprehensive, world-class coverage for employees and their families, delivered through one of the largest global networks.


Vision Coverage

Worldwide vision coverage providing 100% coverage of annual exams and preventative care, plus up to $250 for vision hardware.


Prescription Drug Coverage

Prescription drug coverage is available worldwide; in the U.S., employees receive access to more than 68,000 retail pharmacies through CVS Health. 


Emergency Evacuation and Repatriation1

In the event of a medical emergency, this service provides support and guidance when transport is needed.


Life & Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Globally mobile employees may be the sole income earners for their families. Life and AD&D coverage ensures their income is protected.


Long-Term Disability (LTD)

Help employees focus on healing in the case of sickness or injury. LTD for globally mobile employees helps cover essential living expenses and bills.


Dental Plans

Dental health is an important part of your global employees’ well-being; our worldwide dental coverage helps them maintain it.


Health & Wellness Services

Keeping employees healthy is as much about prevention as reaction. These programs encourage wellness and keep costs low for everyone.

International Employee Assistance Program2

Adjusting to life abroad can be a challenge. Employees can find help acclimating with highly qualified, licensed professionals.

Remote Second Medical Opinion3

Employees can get their diagnosis and treatment plan reviewed from healthcare providers in the U.S. without having to leave their host country. 

Online Wellness Tools4

Keep employees well by encouraging a healthy lifestyle with online tools such as fitness plans, health-risk assessments, and health resources. 

Backed by an Expansive, Expert Network

Global Reach

One of the largest global medical networks, built and managed specifically for globally mobile employees, with 1.3 million providers in over 180 countries.

U.S. Medical Coverage

Access to some of the largest healthcare networks in the U.S.


Local Experts

In-market experts with a deep understanding of regional differences reduce the challenges in receiving care abroad.

Prescription Drug Access

Our partnership with CVS Health provides access to more than 68,000 retail pharmacies.

Working with MetLife

Give your employees the confidence that comes with: 

  • Over 60 years’ experience as a worldwide medical provider
  • A large global network of 1.3 million providers in over 180 countries
  • Dedicated account managers guiding you every step of the way
  • Industry-leading reporting and online management tools

1 Emergency medical and travel assistance services provided through vendor not affiliated with MetLife.

2 IEAP provided by a vendor not affiliated with MetLife.

3 Remote Second Medical Opinion services provided through vendor not affiliated with MetLife.

4 Service provided through vendor not affiliated with MetLife.

Like most group insurance policies, insurance policies offered by MetLife contain certain exclusions, exceptions, waiting periods, reductions, limitations, and terms for keeping them in force. Ask your MetLife representative for costs and complete details.

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