Managing Risk

Managing Risk

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How we manage ourselves and our impacts as an employer, community member, business and market leader is critical in fulfilling our purpose.

Risk management

At MetLife, we are in the business of mitigating risk and protecting families and their futures. We manage risk so that individuals and communities can realize their full potential. MetLife has a comprehensive and well-established risk management framework that constantly evolves and is designed to address material financial and non-financial risks (including compliance risks) to our business.  

Our risk and control framework operates under a “Three Lines of Defense” model where everyone is responsible for risk management. Global Risk Management (GRM), who makes up the second line of defense, coordinates across all risk committees to ensure that all material risks are properly identified, measured, monitored, managed and reported across the Company. 

MetLife’s risk management framework provides strong governance through multiple Board and senior management risk committees (“Committees”). Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) risks, including climate risks, are within the purview of multiple Board and senior management committees, as they underpin all aspects of risk management. These Committees are established at the enterprise, regional and local levels, as needed, to oversee capital and risk positions, approve asset liability strategies and establish certain corporate risk standards. The risk committee structure is designed to provide a consolidated enterprise-wide assessment and management of risk. The Committees are comprised of senior leaders from the lines of business and corporate functions as appropriate (e.g., Legal Affairs, Finance, Information Security, Actuarial Services, Internal Audit, etc.)  which ensures comprehensive coverage and sharing of risk reporting.  

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Corporate Governance

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  • Anti-Money Laundering Policy:
    MetLife is firmly committed to maintaining processes and controls designed to combat money laundering and the financing of terrorist activities. MetLife has an established Anti-Money Laundering program which sets forth guiding principles and global minimum standards for: (1) compliance with applicable anti-money laundering and trade and economic sanctions laws and regulations; (2) protecting the company from being used by money launderers, terrorists, and other criminals for illicit purposes; and (3) educating employees about identifying money laundering and terrorist financing risks and behavior.
  • Global Sales Practices Policy:
    MetLife has established a culture of ethical sales that centers on treating the customer fairly. Our Code of Business Ethics, our policies, and governing laws require that we conduct business in a manner that ensures fairness, clarity, and transparency. Our ethical sales practices strengthen MetLife’s reputation and help us earn the trust and loyalty of our customers as well as the privilege of partnering with them in their financial journey.
  • Antitrust Guidelines:
    MetLife’s Antitrust Guidelines provide basic guidance on antitrust laws in the United States for employees of MetLife and its affiliates. MetLife’s policy is to conduct business in full compliance with antitrust laws. Those laws are designed to preserve and foster free and open competition, reasonable prices, efficient services and a productive economy. MetLife’s guidelines are intended to ensure that as we compete vigorously, we do so fairly. To help employees protect themselves and the company, we have included guidelines in our Code of Business Ethics to treat our competitors with respect and comply with competition laws.