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Structured Settlement Attorneys

We’ll work with your broker to develop a financial solution that works best for your clients — and for you.

Settle for periodic payments to take advantage of guaranteed, tax-free payments

Our structured settlements are designed to provide injured claimants with financial security through tax-free, guaranteed payment streams that they can customize to fit their specific needs.1 Defendants can also benefit from purchasing this annuity for the injured claimant as it is a strong negotiating tool that can assist in expediting the settlement, and help eliminate investment risks. 

Structuring your attorney fees offers you the opportunity to receive steady, guaranteed income, and gives you:
  • Customized payment streams
  • Tax deferral2
  • Hassle-free payments

Structured settlements for minors

Secure guaranteed income to ensure the financial future for minors.

Structured settlement awards for minors can help them get a head start in life. For example, a judge might order that annuity payments should begin payouts to coincide with the child’s expected college tuition bill. The court order can also approve payments to help with costs of living, or deferred lump sum payments that can be used for major life events, such as the purchase of a house or the start of a business venture.

Risks of Factoring

Learn about the risks of your clients selling all, or a portion, of their structured settlement payments.