Why Stable Value?

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What is it?

Stable value is a principal preservation option in a Defined Contribution Plan that provides returns comparable to intermediate duration bonds with volatility comparable to money market funds. Unlike money market funds, stable value exceeds inflation, which positively impacts purchasing power.


Stable Value is unique:

  • Accessible only through qualified retirement plans
  • One of the most reliable capital preservation options available
  • Safeguards against financial losses
  • Backed by the financial strength of a Stable Value industry leader1
  • Generates steady returns over time, outpacing inflation
  • Consistently outperforms money market funds 
  • Delivers returns similar to intermediate term bonds — without the volatility 

See for yourself how Stable Value continually outperforms money market funds.

  • Helps reduce participant’s overall market risk 
  • Provides stability that helps participants feel more confident about investing for their future
  • Enables participants to build more diverse retirement portfolios because of Stable Value’s predictable returns
The Role of Stable Value in Each Stage of the Savings Journey

The Role

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Uncover the advantages Stable Value can provide your employees as they consider retirement options.

1 Guarantees are subject to the financial strength and claims-paying ability of the issuing MetLife company.