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Retiree Life Solutions

Efficiently manage retiree life liabilities with over 50 years of experience backing you every step of the way.

Retiree Life Funding

Comfortably set aside money to cover retiree life insurance costs with a retiree life funding program.

Our Life Insurance Funding Account (LIFA) allows your company to:

  • Pre-fund future retiree life premiums in a tax-advantaged reserve
  • Reduce long-term expenses for retiree life insurance premiums
  • Improve financials by offsetting ASC-715 (or GASB 74/75) accounting liabilities

Retiree Life Buyout

Transfer your company's retiree liability and plan administration to MetLife with a retiree life buyout.

Our Guaranteed Life Insurance Funding Account (GLIFA) allows your company to:

  • Transfer ASC-715 (or GASB 74/75) accounting liability on existing retirees to MetLife
  • Cap future costs associated with retiree premiums
  • Eliminate retiree life recordkeeping and associated administrative burdens and costs

MetLife Funding Agreement

Fund general employee benefits or transfer plan assets into a MetLife Funding Agreement.

A MetLife Funding Agreement:

  • Can be used to pay for future insurance premiums, to fund liabilities, or as an investment allocation for welfare benefit funding
  • Provides safety, convenience and flexibility
  • Ensures a principal and interest rate guarantee1


1 All guarantees are subject to the financial strength and claims paying ability of the issuing MetLife company.

1 All guarantees are subject to the financial strength and claims-paying ability of Metropolitan Life Insurance Company.

Neither MetLife nor its representatives provide tax, accounting, legal or investment advice. The rules relating to such matters are subject to interpretation and change. The appropriateness of any product for any specific company may vary depending on the facts and circumstances. Employers should consult with and rely upon their own tax, accounting, legal or investment advisors.

To enjoy the tax advantages associated with the Guaranteed Life Insurance Funding Account (GLIFA) and Life Insurance Funding Account (LIFA) products, prefunding must be within tax code limits that generally limit prefunding for post retirement group term life insurance to a $50,000 maximum coverage amount over the working lives of covered employees, and actuarially determined on a level basis, using assumptions that are reasonable in the aggregate.