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Global Employee Benefits Health & Wellness

Our global wellness initiatives and strategies help clients meet challenges like managing benefit costs, finding and retaining talent and keeping employees healthy and productive.

Health and Wellness Offerings

When it comes to providing benefits to a diverse and global workforce, each employer faces their own unique set of challenges. Whether you’re dealing with a multinational network of employees or a small team on assignment abroad, MetLife offers excellent health and wellness solutions for them.


Globally Mobile & Expatriate Wellness Solutions

These customized wellness solutions are ideal for employees who are expatriates, inpatriates and short-term business travelers.

Campaigns to Keep Employees Healthy & Productive

Motivate your workforce to be healthier — and better manage your healthcare cost drivers — with our ready-made wellness campaign toolkits. Covering a variety of topics like pregnancy and gut health, they contain everything needed to deliver a successful campaign: kick-off event ideas, educational and promotional material, and more.


Navigating Together: Supporting Employee Well-Being in Uncertain Times

The 2020 study explores how employees are managing work-life stress in the wake of the pandemic and how a holistic approach to well-being, supported by the right programs and benefits, can promote a more engaged, productive and successful workforce.

Workplace Wellness